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 Waterproof Car Cover

Nature doesn’t have a good understanding of car maintenance, so if you park yours outside, chances are, the results aren’t going to be pleasant. Sure, many people own a garage where they can safely park their car away from all the rain and gunk.



With over 10 years of experience in the market, we strongly believe in building a strong, lasting, and worthwhile relationship with our customers. That’s why we have put in the time, exertion, and resources to provide the best car covers USA has to offer and match our customers’ needs perfectly. What sets us apart from the competition, and why are we your best bet when searching for a car protective cover?

10 Years of Experience

We know all there is to know about car covers through our more than 10 years of experience. Staying in business for such a long time tells you that we are trustworthy, our clients are happy, and we provide high-quality car auto covers that do a great job in protecting your vehicle.

Price Match Guarantee

Auto Covers USA provides the lowest prices possible on any car protection cover. In case you have found the same model of our auto car covers on another sire cheaper, we will investigate that event and match the price you found.

Guaranteed Fitting

We put our customers’ needs in the center of our operations and services, thus making sure we get all the specific requirements of our customers before we modify the car covers to ensure the proper fit and protection.

The Best Quality Covers Offered

With Auto Covers USA, quality is not optional, and you get the best each time. No matter if you are getting a breathable car cover or a waterproof, you will not be disappointed.

Express Shipping

With us, you don’t have to worry about lengthy shipping bills and timeframe. You will get your auto cover in the shortest period possible absolutely free of charge, regardless of your location!

Customer Trust

Through our long years in the business, we have built trust with our customers as well as business partners and only use reliable third-party services to deliver on our promises every time.

Great Customer Support

Being a truly customer-centric company, we take care of our clients’ needs day and night by offering a 24/7 customer support line. Whether you need help picking a car cover, paying for it, or installing it, we are here for you.

30 Days Return

In order to guarantee 100% satisfaction, we give you time to sleep on it, feel your cover out, and be positive it’s a perfect fit for you. You have 30 days after the purchase to return the product for a full refund.


Here at Auto Covers, we can guarantee a quality fabric at a great price. Use our site to search for the perfect cover to suit your needs. Our products are long-lasting, made from a high-quality breathable material to protect your vehicle in all conditions. The fabric we use has undergone extensive tests for quality and durability so that we know we are supplying our customers with the best possible product.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to own a garage; many people are forced to park their vehicles outside. And even if you do have a garage, suppose you’ve gone to the countryside or camping and have no other choice but to leave your car out in the open. Does this mean that you have to surrender your vehicle to the outside elements which can potentially cause damage to it? Of course not, not when Auto Covers USA has its line of waterproof covers, which you can purchase once, saving you a visit to the shop. The best waterproof car cover will ensure that water won’t put your vehicle in any vulnerable situation.

Waterproof Car Covers

You may find it hard to believe, but water is one of the most damaging factors to your vehicle if you leave it outside unattended, especially for long periods of time. Sure, most modern car paints are created with greater durability in mind, so that they can withstand rain and other kinds of light showers. But after some time, this effectiveness wears off, especially if the vehicle is often left under the rain. At some point, any paint job is going to lose its waterproof capabilities, which is when you’ll really need a water resistant car cover. In fact, that’s one of the very reasons why the best waterproof car covers are touted as being the best option for car paint protection since so many people have problems with water damaging their paint job.

With enough rain pouring on your car, over time, the paint will start to weaken and chip, leaving behind spots that look broken up or washed out. A water resistant car cover keeps moisture from settling on the exterior of the car and damaging the paint. It’s not so much a few droplets of water that cause the damage, but more so the buildup of water which stays on the surface for long periods. A proper water repellent car cover will condense the water, turning it into vapor and keeping it from building up on the surface.

Other than the paint, water can also get into the inner working of your vehicle and damage it from the inside. This is even more devastating, as it can cause rusting in certain mechanisms. Unlike pain, which can just be redone, rusting can cause extensive damage to the vehicle, requiring you to change entire parts. This can take a lot of time and money, especially if you let the rust corrode the vehicle long enough. But with a simple water repellent car cover, you can avoid this hazard and leave your car outside with the confidence that the waterproof material the cover utilizes can protect all the inside mechanisms and won’t let any rust form.

At the end of the day, the best waterproof car cover is the one you can trust to protect your car’s surface for years and one that you can leave outside for days on end. And the ones here at Auto Covers USA don’t disappoint, thanks to their 2-year warranty and our promise to you that they’ll keep your car nice and dry even during the heaviest showers.


Looking back on car covers throughout history, they were really hard to get right. Some material wasn’t waterproof enough and didn’t really fit all that well. Others protected the car very well but ended up causing damage on their own, like cotton fabric car covers.

Modern versions, however, don’t have any of these problems. Waterproof car covers now utilize some of the most advanced weaves of fabric in the industry, designed to be not only very effective at protecting your vehicle from showers but also careful enough that it doesn’t damage the surface.

The most basic waterproof car cover on offer here at Auto Covers USA is a regular fit and made with highly breathable material, which allows condensed moisture to leave through the car cover as vapor, without getting the chance to group up on the exterior. Even the most basic waterproof cover for car is very effective at keeping moisture off your vehicle.

This is what makes modern car covers, sporting the best weave structure in the industry, so effective at protecting the vehicle from moisture. The best water resistant car cover you can find will most certainly be one that’s breathable. When the air dries up and turns into its gaseous form, it needs some way to escape the surface. Regardless of the kind of paint job and finish, the prolonged buildup of water can lead to damage at some point, even if you dry it out thoroughly after the rain. Water resistant cover not only works to keep excess water away from the surface but also effectively deals with the moisture that’s already on the exterior.

The water resistant car covers allow the fabric to breathe, giving the gasses plenty of room to leave the surface. This serves to protect the car’s exterior from moisture in the long run, more so than just keeping it dry.

Other Covers

But Auto Covers USA has a lot more to offer than just some of the best waterproof car covers. We have an entire catalog dedicated to the vehicle cover, anything from the waterproof covers to ones that specialize indoors. All of them come with a 2-year warranty thanks to the confidence we have in their material and weave. So, don’t miss out and see if something else is worth looking into.

Nature doesn’t have a good understanding of car maintenance, so if you park yours outside, chances are, the results aren’t going to be pleasant. Sure, many people own a garage where they can safely park their car away from all the rain and gunk.

Provide your vehicle with the best protection possible from scratches and dents, accidental knocks, and crazy weather conditions by investing in a car cover. We have covers for all sizes and shapes. In case you want an original look and perfect fit, order a custom car cover. A decade of experience and a loyal customer base speak for themselves. Contact us today to place your order.

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