What is the best car cover for me?

Depending on your need, you can always get a car cover that suits you. Whether you want one for summer, winter, indoor or outdoor, we’ve got you covered.

How about if you've not listed my car on your website?

First of all, we have a wide range of car variety listed in our website, so chances of failing to get your car are minimal, but if that happens, you can always contact us, and we’ll be more than willing to help. We might even add your vehicle to our website.

Are all your covers fitted?

We ensure all our covers are fitted.

How about if my car contains a non-factory spoiler or body kit?

For all our customers we always encourage them to supply us with a photograph and dimensions. From there we can provide you with a cover that fits.

In case I have an aerial how does the car cover fit?

Before fitting the car cover we always recommend, the aerial to be removed first. Most aerials can easily be unscrewed. We also provide instructions on how to carry out the appropriate procedure for all covers.

Can the car cover scratch my car?

The answer is NO. The safety of your car is our priority. As such, we make use of anti-scratch materials for all our covers. We also ensure all covers are placed in a clean car since other factors like dust and dirt can lead to some unfortunate results.

Do I get a warranty in case of product failure?

We provide a warranty for all our covers, but it’s essential to check out when it is useful.

Is it possible to acquire an accidental damage warranty?

We are dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability. Therefore, we provide a warranty against both storm and accidental damage. You can check in with us for further details.

Is it possible to cover my car for long term storage?

Yes, it is! However, if you are planning to leave your car covered for more than 3 months, it’s imperative you follow the following instructions;

  • Ensure the elastic hems are stretched regularly
  • If you are planning to store the car outside in a windy location, then it’s good to add some additional straps in case of windy conditions.
  • Avoid leaving your car stored in damp areas for an extended period
  • Ask someone close to your vehicle to monitor it for you.


When is it time to wash my car cover?

We always recommend that you wash your car cover periodically because not only does that give it a good look but also keeps it in good condition to continue protecting your car for long.

How should I get my car cover cleaned?

You can choose to clean by hand or a washing machine. The method you use depends on the type of cover you select for your car. Contact us for more details on the washing procedure for your particular cover.


How long do I need to wait after placing an order?

All orders are dispatched before 6 PM upon placing an order with an exception to weekends. Likewise, when there is a bank holiday or a busy time the process may take a little longer. In case you encounter a delay contact us to get sorted out.

What’s the courier used?

Our primary courier is DHL, FedEx, and TNT. We recommend you provide us with an accurate mobile number to contact you when making deliveries. The time taken varies depending on your location. Contact us for more details.

What happens if I’m not available when the courier arrives?

The best solution is to call us to rearrange the delivery. In case you don’t do that we leave a calling card to reschedule the delivery. When placing the order, it’s recommended to provide an alternative address if you won’t be at home at the time.

Do you provide international shipping?

At the moment we only ship within the USA, but you can contact us to arrange international shipping.

How about if I’m not satisfied with the product?

We allow a refund within 30 days.